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I stumbled on West Seattle by chance, never having ever made any plans to visit it. I was looking for a new doctor and happened to find one I thought would be a good fit, but the office was located in West Seattle an hour from my home. Nevertheless, I decided the distance was irrelevant and gave it a go. 


One morning after an appointment, I explored the area near PCC Market, discovering the Swinery, Freshy's, The Admiral Bird Cafe and Hiawatha Playfield. Amazed at all the unique small businesses in the area, I renewed my explorations each time I visited. The people I encountered during my trips reminded me of the small coastal town where I grew up and I instantly fell head over heels in love with the place.


As the idea formed for the Timestream Traveler's first novel, there were many changes made a long the way, but one thing remained constant: the book would be set in West Seattle.


One afternoon last summer as I was leaving Freshy's, I saw Tabitha walk past me. Well not the real Tabitha because she is a fictional character, but a young woman who could have been her! The auburn hair, the gait, the cheerful optimism were all her. And she walking a dog I swear could have been Sput! 


Sometimes a place can make a story. Other times a story can make a place. And then sometimes the right story and the right place come together in perfect synergy... and so it was for the Timestream Travelers Chronicles.

Why West Seattle?

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