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Meet the Author

Sher J. Stultz


Sher lives with her family in the Puyallup river valley. The Timestream Travelers Chronicles is her first series. Her  inspiration for this series came from teaching middle school science and her deep curiosity with genetics and time travel. As a science teacher for seventeen years she is always delighted to bump into her former students and learn about the new adventures in their lives. In her spare time, she kayaks, dances, practices yoga, and goes camping or hiking. In the summer Sher grows pollinator gardens for bees and hummingbirds and heads for concerts with outdoor venues for some live music. An ardent conversationalist, Sher enjoys all types of books and music and will happily converse on a variety of topics with anyone! 

Getting to know Sher a little better:

Q: If you didn't live in Washington State, where would you live and why?

A: Oregon, Colorado or Vermont. They are abound with nature and have eclectic cities.

Q: What's your astrological star sign?

A: I'm an Aquarian. My birthday is February 12th and I share it with Abraham Lincoln.

Q: What might we find you doing on any given day?

A: I love to cook with aromatic seasonings so you might find me chopping herbs. I also like hanging out with my chickens while I have a cup of tea. In the mornings, I often practice sunrise yoga or walk my dog.

Q: Where do you vacation?
A: Florida, Northern California, Montana, Idaho and all over the beautiful state of Washington.

Q: What degrees do you hold?

A: Forestry and Education.


Let's have a little fun... What's your favorite?

Author: P.G. Wodehouse, Louise Erdrich, Alan Bradley, and Willa Cather are just a few...

Band: Neil Young, U2, REM, Carolina Chocolate Drops

Food: Thai, Korean, Tex-Mex, & gluten free bread from the Dancing Bee Apiary and Bakery in Eatonville, WA

Favorite Animal: Great Blue Herron

If you could speak any language other thank English what would it be? Icelandic! I visited Iceland and I can't wait to work it into my series.

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