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The Rescue

The sheets went slack. Aeneas had vanished. The three friends were spellbound as the video showed him climbing through his bedroom window an hour later, wearing different socks. Aeneas Entwistle, a slightly above average eighth grader is soon to discover that the mystery of waking up with different socks is more than just a prank.


Aeneas, who vanishes into the timestream when a 6.7 earthquake strikes Seattle. But Cassie’s presence in the past might have unforeseen consequences for everyone in her circle. As she struggles to find her father, a forgotten family secret is revealed and Cassie must choose between altering the past or violating the shamanic rules of time travel.middle aged the future hoping to find any small detail that might help locate her missing father. Enlisting Harold, the Entwistle’s quirky housekeeper, Cassie works to rescue a Meanwhile, Aeneas’s daughter, Cassie Entwistle has traveled 38 years from

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